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Stories Of TN #DEC_TO_FEB 0

Stories Of TN #DEC_TO_FEB

These three months have been a busy one for news channel. And the state has suffered some dramatic changes within a short span of time. Here is my thoughts about the story of TN

Cafe Coffee Day ? Yuck. 0

Cafe Coffee Day ? Yuck.

Is it just me hating every drink in the menu that is available in Cafe Coffee Day ? or everybody does ?

Sylvester : Open Source Personal Assistant 0

Sylvester : Open Source Personal Assistant

Ever seen jarvis in real ? Sylvester is next-gen personal assistant running of the cloud personalised to each and every people.

Titanic : An IMAX Experience 0

Titanic : An IMAX Experience

It has been approx. 20 years since the film has been released. But still it looks fresh and charming in its manner.

Exams :( 1

Exams :(

Its during the time of examinations you do some crazy things, and feel later for doing those crazy things. Each exam time has a lesson within itself.