“Every day I wake up, there is a sense of fear. If it would be my last day with you. In the eternal dusk, everything is cold and gray. Fighter planes are surrounded by mechanics hurriedly ripping off bullet-riddled fuselage panels and overworked aircraft engines.” says an air force pilot as he writes to his …

Computing Machinery And Intelligence

COMPUTING MACHINERY AND INTELLIGENCE The traditional question arises from the age of Alan Turing, Can machines think ? Can they act on their own ? .The only thing differentiating humans and machines being their “intelligence”.“machines” and “thinking” are two different individual terms with elaborate definition for each of them.

Unplanned Growth

Unplanned growth– a accelerant for natural disasters. The recent Chennai floods is a very good example of how unplanned growth can cause major natural disasters. But how is exactly unplanned growth causing all these problems ? Here are my views about  it. Add your views to the comment to make the post further interesting.