This is not a movie review.I stopped writing movie reviews a long time ago. I am not a person that is capable of writing movie reviews. I don’t watch a lot of movies. I don’t know much about actors, actresses, screen play etc. But there was something different about this movie that i wanted to share about.

Geetha Govindham is the latest blockbuster by Vijay Devarkonda and Rashmika collecting more than 100 crores in Tamil Nadu.

To be frank, Geetha Govindham does not have a strong story line.There are still some issues in the story line that some may feel while watching the movie. But still, i watched the movie four times in theatre and want to watch again. In my opinion, this movie is a perfect opinion of how even with a weaker plot a movie can become a blockbuster.

Perfect screenplay, perfect chemistry between the two actors combined with great sound which is at the heart of a great cinema can bring an experience that makes us “happy”. Some movie makes us think. Some movies makes us forget the world around us and just make us happy and this is one such movie.

The another thing that i noticed is most my friends or the people who i knew didn’t like it when they watch the pirated versions of the movie.Theatres may take some bucks away from you. But some movies are absolutely worth it and their real essence can be felt only at theatres. Movies running in theatres have audio mastered to bring in the essence and life of the movie into people. Interstellar is an good example in which music plays a major role in making the movie a good one. And Geetha Govindham is one among them too. Its not just the story that takes an audience into the life of the characters. Music plays a major part in the role too and none of the headphones can replicate the surround experience of an movie theatre leave alone a home theatre setup costing lakhs.

I don’t know what this post is supposed to mean. I just wanted to write it to share some of the things that i wanted to say. It’s one of the few posts that i couldn’t find how to conclude. I have spent hundreds of bucks on this movie till now, but still i am willing to spend more.

Haven’t watched the movie yet? Give it a try !

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Congo to all the team for making a good enjoyable movie.