Samsung announces Bixby, promises to revolutionize phone interaction

Smartphones are becoming too complicated for their own good, so Samsung wants to change them fundamentally with the launch of Bixby, its long-rumored digital assistant.

In a lengthy blog post, Samsung’s head of R&D for Software and Services, InJong Rhee, said Bixby will stand out from competing AI-based assistants (or “agents”) through three main factors – completeness, context awareness, and cognitive tolerance.


As stated by samsung, the voice assistant could perform any tasks that the application could perform by touch enabled input.Most of the existing assistants could only perform certain number of tasks that require pre defined voice commands. Unlike such applications, bixby could perform multitude of tasks that do not require pre defined voice commands and can work when the user speak as they are in a normal interaction.

Context Awareness :

When using a Bixby-enabled application, users will be able to call upon Bixby at any time and it will understand the current context and state of the application and will allow users to carry out the current work-in-progress continuously. Bixby will allow users to weave various modes of interactions including touch or voice at any context of the application, whichever they feel is most comfortable and intuitive.

Cognitive Tolerance :

When the number of supported voice commands gets larger, most users are cognitively challenged to remember the exact form of the voice commands. Most agents require users to state the exact commands in a set of fixed forms. Bixby will be smart enough to understand commands with incomplete information and execute the commanded task to the best of its knowledge, and then will prompt users to provide more information and take the execution of the task in piecemeal. This makes the interface much more natural and easier to use.


The Bixby assistant is expected to be released alongside Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. It is expected as stated by Samsung, that S8 would have a dedicated button to turn on Bixby. This is done to ensure that multitude of users use Bixby voice assistant.

Bixby will be our first step on a journey to completely open up new ways of interacting with your phone. At the launch of the Galaxy S8, a subset of preinstalled applications will be Bixby-enabled. Samsung also would release a API for Bixby and in period of time release multitude of Bixby enabled applications such as air conditioners and TV’s and fridges making Bixby even more friendlier and as a home kid.

Since Bixby is implemented in the cloud, as long as the device is connected to the internet, Bixby would work and along with Samsung we are also eager to know how the ecosytem would grow.Time only could tell us how Bixby would evolve alongside Android Assistant. But a dedicated hardware button in S8 shows the importance of Bixby for the company.