How would the world be without advancements ? Share your comments

Technology has been growing rapidly in the past few years. The improvement in technology has changed every aspects of our lifes, has caused dramatic impact in this world.

Consider the example of medical sectors of today’s world. Most of the life threatening cases has a cure in todays modern medical technology. It has caused a increase in the average life time of a person and may have indirectly contributed to the increase in the population in the country.

Increase in population ? Increase in cost of natural resources . Increase in cost of natural resources ? Increase in average cost of living. Increase in cost of living ? Change in our “pattern” of life style. And this change in pattern occurs in matter of years. Few years back we had a pattern to make our life settled and now,  we have a entirely new way to do that.

This improvement has caused a lot of changes in our lives and this change might not have happened if there if there wasn’t some key discoveries of time. The world might have been a entirely be a different place then. May that be the invention of the penicillin to that of the iPhone, each discoveries has changed our way of living.

Each may have their own ideas of how these things have turned up. Comment below of the invention of discovery and about the way how your life may have been if these inventions hadn’t happened.

Lets see how each one has a story to tell.


  • Raghul E Balamurali

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