CES 2017 : BMW Holo Active Touch

BMW had something interesting for show in CES this year.

Starting with their skeleton concept of their future cars interior design.

The hologram attracted a lot of folks with all major youtube reviewers posting a video about it.

The “BMW Holo Active Touch” as so as it is codenamed is a dashboard system that couples as a head’s up display. The system has a hologram style display that projects up with which the user interacts with touch commands and gestures. The command is executed and the user is responded with a pulse that gives a sense of mechanical press of a button.

Whats more further interesting is BMW’s collaboration with Amazon Prime services. With a voice command, the user could order a stuff at the store and get it picked up on the way. If you are making a phone call, and your wife wants you to buy something on the way, the system intelligently senses and advices you to order those stuffs on Amazon. Clever !

The audio system is enhanced too. The system is now integrated with the seats and now the the seats give a bass boost to the sound and it acts kind of like a headphone so that each person in individual seat could hear to their music of their liking. That’s interesting, now you dont want to listen to boring songs of your dad.

But all these things are still in their “Skeleton” stage.BMW insists that these are not even prototypes rather proof of concept. It may take years to see these technology being actually implemented in BMW cars. But not in the near future though.