Blink : A Indian Startup Against The Likes Of Apple And Samsung

Smartwatches has always been a factor for startups. The Kickstarted product “Smartwatch” by Pebble Corporation has revolutionised the smartwatch market. Is it time for a Indian Startup to make the next big revolution ?

Apple,Pebble,Samsung,LG have tried and failed to make a bigger impact in the smartwatch market. It has failed to grab the attention of many as the iPhone did. The price they claim for its functionality seems too high even today.

“Up until now, watches only met a specific need, but in our fast-paced, technology-driven world, there is more critical information that we seek on the go than just time,” says co-founder & CEO of Witworks, Somnath Meher. “We wanted to give users that data at the most visually accessible place without any dependence on phones,” he says.


It has always been the goal of the smartwatches from the past but has still failed to gain masses.

Witworks claims that the way of interaction with the smartwatch needs to be natural and thats what they have made with the new “Blink” smartwatch , watch designed and assembled in India.

They have created a entirely new interface using their own Marvin OS. A forked version of Android 5.1 Operating System. They claim it was designed to give a new circular interface system to the users. It has its own timeline which fetches and displays notification such as remainders and alarms from phone. Swipe right you get access to your health information and swipe up you get access to your quick settings. Just like apple it has a crown which by clicking gets you to its new circular apps selector.

The watch’s operating system has integrations with 3rd party applications. It has a inbuilt music player which plays from inbuilt 8GB storage. The watch also sports its own speaker which i personally have wanted for a long time. Since you anyway need to pull your phone out if you are receiving a phone call and not wearing any headphones. Its not the case in Blink which is plus in my opinion.

The OS can also call a taxi for you with its integration with Uber and Ola.


As far as specifications go the watch features ,

  • .2GHz Dual Core Processor 1 GB RAM 8 GB on-board storage
  • 9 axis motion sensor with accelerometer, gyroscope & magnetometer Microphone with noise cancellation
  • Full circular 1.39″, 400 X 400 AMOLED display with 16.5 Million colors
  • Multi touch support Speaker Haptic feedback Upto 36 hour battery life with 300 mAH, fast charge battery Bluetooth 4.0 with BLE for connectivity.
  • Anti-corrosive Stainless Steel 316L ,Scratch resistant, 2mm thick, Gorilla Glass 3 Glass.

The watch is priced with a premium price tag of Rs.12,999 for base model which goes upto Rs.15,999 and is available for purchase from Amazon launch pad.

So what is your opinion about Blink Smartwatch ? Does it revolutionise the industry?