Internet through DTH ?

Is it really possible to get internet through Setup boxes?

All DTH connections are connected to satellites right ? So, it can also beam data content ?

Obviously these kind of technologies have been used to beam internet into aircrafts for a long time. Many technology giants tried and failed while some succeeded in this method.

The Geo-Stationary satellites can beam internet content in Ka band with speeds upto 50 Mbps.One of the early ambitious projects deployed was Teledesic, a project that cost Microsoft a loss of $9 billion dollars.One of the main problems faced by this method is latency. The latency is 20 times higher in this kind of transmission than terrestrial based transmission.

As far as in India, DTH service providers like Dish TV, Videocon has already launched internet services coupled with its DTH network.

As far as i am concerned, this is one of the finest methods of providing internet connection to rural places. This method of internet connection may provide reliable internet connection to rural places.