OnePlus 3T India launch will take place, but no date confirmed

OnePlus 3T is the latest smartphone from the popular Chinese technology company, but there’s no confirmed word on when it will be launching in India. According to a report on VentureBeat, OnePlus will be bringing the phone to mainland China, Hong Kong, and India; but for now there’s no set date or month which has been set out for the launch. When contacted by, OnePlus India team said a launch was not yet confirmed for the country.

But given how quickly the OnePlus 3 was made available in India, we can expect the new phone to hit the market soon. India is an important country for most smartphone players, and when the original OnePlus 3 was launched, it had received mostly positive reviews across the board. In June 2016, Cyber Media Research (CMR) had shown that OnePlus was the only emerging brand in top five of the premium segment. OnePlus had a six per cent market share in 2015 in India’s premium segment, according to CMR.

Now, OnePlus 3T has been launched just under five months after the 2016 flagship was introduced in the market. In terms of design and dimensions, OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T are essentially the same phone. OnePlus 3T however, comes in a ‘Bold Gunmetal’ colour option along with the soft gold. The regular OnePlus 3 comes in a Graphite colour.

With the OnePlus 3T the big changes are in the processor, front camera and battery. OnePlus 3T has the latest Snapdragon 821 processor that is clocked at 2.35Ghz, along with a 16MP front camera. The battery is also bigger at 3400 mAh, more than the 3000 mAh one on the OnePlus 3.