Monthly Archive: October 2016

Google : Ad Brilliance 0

Google : Ad Brilliance

Google’s advertisement algorithm is one of the world’s best with targeted ad audience,the highest ad earning company in the world.

Tesla Model S 0

Tesla Model S

Cars have never been my passion so far. Nothing excites me so much as technology does. But recently a car changed it all. Passion for a company after Apple. The Tesla Motor’s Model S.

DiaCare : Current Stage 1

DiaCare : Current Stage

DiaCare A medical information website- the first website officially started by SVT India was temporarily discontinued for further product developments. Though i am happy in the way the project is progressing, we have been...

Trip Abroad – Impacts In Life 0

Trip Abroad – Impacts In Life

Past few months have been really influential in my life. Learning a lot about life and embracing it on the journey.

Indian Railways “Untold Story” 0

Indian Railways “Untold Story”

Cholan Express was scheduled you depart from Chennai Egmore at 7:30 am on 1st October.  On A new time table started that day . The train usually departs from 8:00 am from chennai Egmore.

Where Is AI Taking Us? 0

Where Is AI Taking Us?

AI technology has been improving day by day. Top minds of the world has been trying to replicate ‘free will’ the unique ability of humans to think and take decisions in apt time. Can...